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  1. (REST Contract) Collecting statistics - (Dimitris PierrakosAndrea Bollini (4Science) - (error) changes requested, Ben Bosman )
  2. (REST Contract) Document need to escape special characters - (Paulo Graça , Dimitris Pierrakos )
  3. (REST) DS-4210 Deposit on collection without workflow seems to fail (405 but succeed): ( (tick) Tim Donohue ,(tick)Ben Bosman)
  4. (REST) Updating Owning Collections (Moving Items between collections): (Tim Donohue - (error) requested JavaDocs, (tick)Ben Bosman )
  5. (REST) Item Mapper functionality:  (Tim Donohue - (error) requested JavaDocstinymce.emotions_dlg.checkBen Bosman )
  6. (REST) (Entities) DS-4223 Metadata Schemas for configurable entities (Paulo Graça - feedback provided, Mark H. Wood )
  7. (Higher priority) (REST) [DS-4266] bitstream format registry (Ben BosmanAndrea Bollini (4Science) - (error) changes requested)
  8. (REST) (Entities) DS-4244 Add configurable entities unit tests (Tim Donohue - requested more inline comments)
  9. (REST) Pagination bug with withdrawn items: (Dimitris Pierrakos , Ben Bosman - Feedback provided)
  10. (REST) [DS-4298] changed the PathVariable for the upload method: ((tick)Ben Bosman ,  NEEDS SECOND REVIEWER)
  11. (Angular) (Entities) Deleting relationships: (Paulo Graça - changes requestedTim Donohue )
  12. (Angular) Selectable Themes. ((tick)Paulo Graça - feedback provided, Tim Donohue)
  13. (Angular) (Entities) DS-4223 Metadata Schemas for configurable entities (Paulo GraçaNEEDS SECOND REVIEWER)
  14. (Angular) Configurable browse-by (closes #361) ((tick) Tim Donohue , Paulo Graça ,Giuseppe Digilio (4Science))
  15. (Angular) Move Item Component: (NEEDS REVIEWERS)
    1. Uses DSpace PR#2283 (see above)
  16. (Angular) Item-Collection Mapper: (NEEDS REVIEWERS)
    1. Uses DSpace PR#2282 (see above)
  17. (Angular) Add missing ResourcePolicyService: (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science)Art Lowel (Atmire))
  18. (Angular) Shibboleth integration support (WORK IN PROGRESS):  (Julius is looking for feedback/help) (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science), Fernando FCT/FCCN)
  19. (Backend) Upgrading to Handle Server v9: (Mark H. Wood,(tick) Ben Bosman )
  20. (Backend) Update email templates to use Velocity (for richer, powerful templates): (Chris Wilper , (tick)Tim Donohue )
  21. (NEW) (Backend) One Webapp Phase 2: Rename "dspace-spring-rest" to "dspace-server-webapp": (NEEDS REVIEWERS)