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  1. (REST) Issue when community has multiple dc.title values ((tick) Tim Donohue , Andrea Bollini (4Science) - feedback provided)
  2. (REST) Oai harvesting setup (Tim Donohue - (warning) Minor improvements requested, Andrea Bollini (4Science))
  3. (REST) Spring security for createAndReturn with parent id (Tim Donohue - (warning) Minor improvements requested, NEEDS SECOND REVIEWER
  4. (NEW)(REST) Endpoints to collect statistics (Dimitris Pierrakos , Mark H. Wood )
  5. (Angular) Move Item Component: (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) - REREVIEW, (tick) (tick) Tim Donohue )
  6. (Angular) Item-Collection Mapper: ( Tim Donohue - REREVIEW (warning) noted errors in testing, Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) - REREVIEW)
  7. (Angular) Shibboleth integration support:  (Julius running into an error with 'yarn start' only) (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) reviewed again and provided feedback, Fernando FCT/FCCN, Paulo Graça )
  8. (Angular) Submission Miscellaneous fixes: ((tick)Art Lowel (Atmire), Julius Gruber , Tim Donohue -  (warning)Noted performance issues)
  9. (Angular) Convert i18n files to JSON5 format (Tim DonohuePaulo Graça)
  10. (Angular) Redirecting user to same page after login (Art Lowel (Atmire)Giuseppe Digilio (4Science)provided feedback)
  11. (NEW) (Angular) forceBypassCache should be removed from the RequestService: (Art Lowel (Atmire)Giuseppe Digilio (4Science))
  12. (NEW) (Angular) Collection pages WIP: (Art Lowel (Atmire)Tim Donohue)
  13. (Backend) Solr 7 fixes for upgrading to DSpace 7 ((tick)Chris Wilper, Tim Donohue
  14. (Backend) Upgrade to Solr 7:  support sharded statistics (Chris Wilper, Tim Donohue, Ask on #dev channel too)