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Web Page for SWORD

What is SWORD?

A recently published article that describes the way SWORD can be used for Repository Deposit. . Two case studies in the article illustrate how repository content is being managed.

Whats so great about using the SWORD deposit protocol?

Its very flexible, you can adapt it very easily to suit your institutions requirements, you can require a depositor to fill in many or few fields, upload one or more files, and its also possible to deposit into more than one repository.

Blog entries from Stuart Lewis about SWORD

Deposit direct from MSWord to DSpace via SWORD.

Analogies to describe the use of the SWORD Protocol for Repository Deposit
1. Petrol Pump - the petrol is the content, the car is the repository and the SWORD protocol is the pump
2. Tap - the water is the content, the glass is the repository and the SWORD protocol is the tap