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  1. Make sure you already checked the the official documentation, FAQs (TechnicalFAQ, User FAQ) and searched the archives ( dspace-tech, dspace-community or Nabble).  Questions may also be posted to dspace on stackoverflow.  See the Support Guide for other support options.
  2. Don't be offended if your message is not immediately answered. Support is a voluntary effort. Feel free to re-post after about a week if you don't get any replies, but try to include more information in your post.
  3. Reply-all to the list. That way the conversation is archived, and can be useful for other people. It's also not fair on the person who was kind enough to reply; replying to a message is not an offer to become a single point of support.
  4. Use a descriptive subject line. Just "help" or no subject at all means that the busy people on the list are like to skip over your message, rather than think "ah, that's something I can help with".
  5. Specify your DSpace version number, interface (JSPUI or XMLUI), XMLUI theme used and whether you have Discovery turned on. In case of issues with building, specify versions of Java JDK, Maven and Ant (you can simply paste the output of the "[dspace]/bin/dspace version" command which is available since DSpace 4).
  6. Check the contents of your dspace.log file for errors if you're reporting an internal server error or 'blank page syndrome'. Just posting a message that says "I do X and get an internal server error" will not allow anyone to help you. Check the log files, which are documented here, and include any exception stack traces and a few surrounding lines in your post, preferably as an attachment.