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Google Scholar work (MIT - ready to go) – better metadata for Google Scholar (citation tags in header).

New localization? We have made localization for Serbian language, need several days to finish quality evaluation.. according to documentation in Release Procedure it can be accepted before final release? Bojan Suzic 10/27 -

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\*\[CGIProposal\|CGIProposal\]* (Richard Rodgers/MIT -- Interface & XML serialization implementation should be ready), based on the **\[*{*}Item type based submission patch{*}*\|\]** picked up by Robin Taylor (initially a GSoC project) -- would allow for type-based submission processes (e.g. Theses/Dissertations could have different submission steps than articles/papers).*
*Context Guided Ingest -- define an interface, where any submission code can write "attributes" and can retrieve those again later on. Can add any new attributes/values that you want for your submission code. Could be serialized to XML (using input-forms.xml) OR have an implementation of that service that stores in DB (recommended). JPA2?*
*seems similar to SimpleStorage Service (user centered storage of state info) -- Mark Diggory.*


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Possibly one or more of the \[Google Summer of Code\|Google Summer of Code\] 2010 projects (if they are ready/stable enough for release)
 \- REST API?  -\- Based on previous discussion on developers list / irc channel it will be most probably released asynchronously. It is in the process but RC 1 deadline is too short for all parts to be implemented. Bojan Suzic - Oct. 10/27 \-\-

SWORD Client for DSpace? (Robin Taylor – may be ready, Richard Jones & Stuart Lewis are interested in helping) – would allow DSpace to push/submit content to other SWORD enabled repositories