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The primary features of release 1.0 1 are:

  • Media Streamer service
    • Service now allows content from multiple spaces to be streamed.
    • Service now recognizes when new content is added to spaces which are being streamed and starts streaming on those files.
  • Duplicate on Change service
    • Service updated to provide greater assurance of file transfer and produce an output report which details the actions of the service and the results of those actions.
  • Content item copy and rename capability
    • New copy operation is able to copy, move, and rename content items within a space and between spaces.
  • Stitch Tool
    • New utility for large files which were "chunked" (split into multiple small files) when placed into storage. This new utility will recombine all of the pieces of a file to re-produce the original file in local storage.
    • Stitch capabilities incorporated into the Retrieval Tool, allowing any content which has been "chunked" to be reconstituted on retrieval.
  • Properties
    • Use of the term 'properties' has replaced 'metadata' to describe the name/value pairs which can be associated with spaces and content. This update helps to clarify the purpose and capability of this attached information.
  • Local service repositories
    • Service repositories can now reside within the same storage container as is used by DuraStore, allowing for simpler configuration of stand-alone DuraCloud instances.
  • Initialization endpoint
    • New REST API endpoint (/init) for application initialization.
  • Tools tab
    • New tools tab on the dashboard provides convenient links for downloading DuraCloud client tools.