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Line Information

  • Dial-in Number: (209) 647-1600
    • Host Code: 238294
    • Participant Code: 700672

Web Console

Connection Instructions

  1. Add freeconferencecallhd.2096471600 as a contact in your skype account.
    1. copy and paste freeconferencecallhd.2096471600 (the entire name) into your contact search area
    2. add as a contact
  2. After freeconferencecallhd.2096471600 is listed in your contact list, simply call that contact.
  3. Enter the following code through the Skype keypad (not by just typing in the numbers on your keyboard): 700672 (you will prompted to add the # sign).
    1. you must enter the code in the Skype keypad which is located in various areas depending on your operating system (see screenshots below)
For Mac Users:

For PC Users: