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For users running DSpace 1.8.0x, the "Replication Task Suite" add-on is available and provides the ability to perform backups and restores easily via the DSpace Administrative User Interface of DSpace. For further information regarding how to download and install the add-on, please visit the Replication Task Suite documentation. Also, the following screencast details demonstrates the Replication Task Suite add-on and how to begin using it with DSpace 1.8.0+x

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For users running DSpace 1.7.0-1.7.2, you have the ability to use the "AIP Backup and Restore" tools to backup DSpace to a set of AIPs (Archival Information Packages). This has the added advantage of letting you With these tools, you have the additional ability to backup or restore just individual items. Please note that the AIP backup and restore tools is a are run at the command line tool that generates and generate AIP packages locally and then these . These packages can then be transferred to DuraCloud via the DuraCloud synchronization or upload tools. For further information regarding how to use the AIP backup and restore DSpace tools, please visit the AIP Backup and Restore documentation. To download the DuraCloud synchronization or upload tools, please visit the DuraCloud documentation.


For DSpace 1.0.x - 1.6.x

For users of DSpace versions 1.0.x through 1.6.x, performing backups involves the entire database (at once) along with the entire set of files. So, DuraCloud could still be useful to get an offsite backup of your content, but that content can only ever be restored in its entirety (e.g. there is no way to easily restore a single Item). These backups can only be performed via the command line, and you'd have to use DuraCloud sync tools to get the files into DuraCloudrequires copying the entire database along with the all of the files and then storing all data in DuraCloud. Because the backups are a full database copy, there is not an easy way to perform individual file restores. However, full system backups and restores are very easily to conduct through the use of DuraCloud synchronization and retrieval tools. In order to perform a full system backup of DSpace database content, please visit the xxx documentation (is there anything like this Tim?). To download the DuraCloud synchronization or retrieval tools, please visit the DuraCloud documentation.