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Note file is only used with building/compiling DSpace

It is worth noting that the [dspace-source]/ file (or custom properties file) is ONLY used in the act of building/installing/upgrading DSpace. During that build/install/upgrade process, any settings in your "setting currently available in the" file (or custom properties file) are automatically copied over to the " will be inherited (copied) to the dspace.cfg" file. file. However, if you need to add new settings to your file, you will need to modify your dspace.cfg file in order for it to be inherited (see the note below titled "You may add new settings to your or custom *.properties").

Once DSpace is installed, it the system only uses the settings in your [dspace]/config/dspace.cfg file.  So, the file will not be copied into your installation directory, and all runtime configurations are pulled from the final dspace.cfg file.

titleDo not remove or comment out settings in

When you edit the "" file (or a custom *.properties file), take care not to remove or comment out any settings.  Doing so, may cause your final "dspace.cfg" file to be misconfigured with regards to that particular setting.  Instead, if you wish to remove/disable a particular setting, just clear out its value.  For example, if you don't want to be notified of new user registrations, ensure the "mail.registration.notify" setting has no value, e.g.