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Comment: Added note regarding lack of support for multiple selects in XML Form Builder.


Adding the creator element - an element that may have multiple values


titlemultiple selects

Just a note that the current version of the XML Form Builder does not currently allow multiple selects. Based on the information in this pull request, users "can still use unallowed elements such as 'checkbox', 'checkboxes', 'date', 'file', 'managed_file', 'password_confirm', 'radio', 'radios', 'tableselect', 'vertical_tabs', 'weight', 'button', 'image_button', 'submit'. But the builder will no longer allow you to give XML CRUD actions to these elements, also the 'select' element doesn't allow XML CRUD combined with multiple."

Users still have the option to create their own forms


In some cases you will have multiple occurrences of an element, for example a digital object may have more than one creator (multiple authors) or may have many subjects that describe it. The Form Builder has several methods dealing with this use case. In our example OAI DC form we have decided that there could be multiple creators and the schema allows that. It is a two step process: