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It is the removal of an Item from the archive. However, a withdrawn item is still available to Administrative users . The Item can (and may optionally be restored and it can be used to keep track of what has been available for a while on the public siteto the archive at a later date).  A withdrawn item disappears from DSpace (except from Administrative screens) and the item appears to be deleted.

Expected use cases:

  • Staging area for item to be removed when copyright issues arise with publisher. If the copyright issue is confirmed, the item will be permanently deleted or kept in the withdrawn state for future reference.
  • Logical deletion delegated to community/collection admin, where permanent deletion is reserved to system administrators
  • Logical deletion, where permanent deletion is not an option for an organization
  • Removal of an old version of an item, forcing redirect to a new up-to-date version of the item (this use case is not currently implemented out-of-box in DSpace, see )