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Status: Active

Fedora Versions: 2.2.x, 3.1

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*Contributor:* [DRAMAMuradora Project|] \[ Chi Nguyen\|FEDINFO:User_\_ Chi[Nishen Naidoo|] \]

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Muradora is designed to be a turnkey web front-end for Fedora focusing on flexible access control (see DRAMA). It is being developed as part of the DRAMA project(now the Muradora Project). Muradora is built in Java using the Spring Framework (with Struts 2), and makes heavy use of AJAX technologies to provide a richer and more dynamic user interface.
Its functionality includes:

  • Browsing and Searching (full-text)
  • Self submission and publishing interface
  • Support for Shibboleth authentication
  • Tree view of user-defined collections (based on user's own RDF ontology)
  • Authorization based on XACML but with an easy intuitive access control GUI (no need for any raw XACML editing by the end user)
  • Flexible metadata (DC, MODS, etc...) input based on XForms standard (utilizing Orbeon XForm server side engine so no browser plugins are required).
  • Utilizing DRAMA middleware components (see below) for better management of policies and consistent access control across many GUIs talking to a single Fedora server