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StatusSpaceDate CreatedDocumentBrief DescriptionParticipants
ActivePlanningAug 26, 2014LD4L Bibliographic Data Conversion and Discovery of / Linking to Linked Open DataThis is a planning document for the LD4L conversion of bibliographic data to linked open data (LOD), including a breakdown of individual tasks, assignments to institutions and/or individuals, indications of whether each task is primarily an ontology or engineering task, open questions and issues, notes on progress and dependencies, etc.Rebecca Younes, and others

Jun 24, 2014
(actively edited)

Use Cases - Next Steps for Implementation
(plus many sub-pages)

Summary of the active work and planning for the Use Cases.  Several summary tables.  1) Summary of use cases including name, link to design and implementation docs, which institutions and which individuals are planning to work on each, and notes; 2) Essential plumbings (aka shared infrastructure), 3) History of Documents Naomi Dushay , Simeon Warner , Lynette Rayle , Rebecca Younes
Official External Doc of Use CasesPUBLICJun 24, 2014

LD4L Use Cases
(plus many sub-pages)

Summary of each Use Case with links to details for each Use Case. Document created based on June 2014 Stanford Meeting. Simeon Warner
ActivePUBLICAug 18, 2014Use cases from beyond LD4LA place to describe Use Cases that are relevant to LD4L but go beyond the current scope.  See also Template for a new use case. Jon Corson-Rikert
?PlanningJun 23, 20142014-06-23UseCasesSharedEditingVersion.docx (docx)Word Doc describing each of the 6 Use Cases selected at the Stanford meeting.  Includes discussion, questions, who will do what, and potential demonstrations.Simeon Warner, Rob Sanders, David Weinberger, Tom Cramer, Rebecca Younes, and possibly others
HistoricalPUBLICJun 17, 2014LD4L Use Cases - Version 2 -- 9 Use Cases across 5 ClustersList of Use Cases by cluster including brief description, questions, discussion, potential demonstrations, and implementation notes for each Use Case. Tom Cramer , Paul Deschner , Dean B. Krafft , Simeon Warner

Feb 6, 2014

Last Active Edit:
Jun 17, 2014

LD4L Use Cases - Version 1 -- 42 Use Cases across 5 ClustersFull list of the initial 42 Use Cases. Two tables: 1) organization of use cases into clusters, 2) use case summary including As a..., I want to..., In order to... Jon Corson-Rikert , Tom Cramer , Dean B. Krafft , Brian J Lowe , Rob Sanderson , Simeon Warner , David Weinberger
?PlanningJun 27, 2014Use Case Distillation Call - June 4, 2014Notes and Action Items from the discussion on the Use Case Distillation Call Tom Cramer
HistoricalPUBLICJun 4, 2014LD4L Use Cases - Low FatShort document exploring what makes a good use case and the goals of use cases. Rob Sanderson
HistoricalPUBLICApril 23, 2014Use Cases Part 2User "stories" view of the use cases. Naomi Dushay

Jan 30, 2014

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Feb 6, 2014

(Obsolete) Use casesExplores Use Cases by stating As a..., I want to...,  Satisfied when... Jon Corson-Rikert , David Weinberger , Tom Cramer , Dean B. Krafft