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  • How do I customize the DSpace XMLUI so that the side menu is on the left side? (Or any sort of customization related question)
  • How do I configure DSpace to connect to my local LDAP (or Shibboleth)?
  • How do I get DSpace to run on port 80 instead of port 8080?
  • I'm trying to add some custom code into my DSpace, and it's not working right. Here's a code snippet and the error I'm seeing: ______
  • (Most any other question regarding customizing or configuring/setting up your DSpace instance)

Here are some examples of DSpace questions that are probably NOT on-topic for StackOverflow (Instead these types of questions can just be asked on our mailing lists):

  • How have you tweaked your DSpace so that it scales better? (Question is too subjective for StackOverflow, as there's not really a "right" answer to the question)
  • Do you have any recommendations for best Operating System for installing DSpace? (Again, too subjective for StackOverflow.)

For more information on what is considered "on-topic" for StackOverflow see: