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Comment: Dynamic Task List: El estado de la tarea cambió en la lista 'Checklist: this is when you're done'


titleChecklist: this is when you're done
|T|M|T|1389620440889|1416080600424||Use Case and high level benefits. Can someone with limited technical background understand what this is about?|
|T|M|T|1389620638059|1416080602570||Step by step how to use. Can someone with limited technical background use the feature?|
|TF|M|T|1389620491621|1558080643521          |upuelles|Technical implementation details. Did you provide enough details for other developers to add or extend on your work?|
|F|M|T|1389620524789|          |bram|Configuration. Did you describe which aspects of your contribution can be configured and where configuration happens?|
|F|M|T|1389620576924|          |bram|Template text cleanup. Have you removed the template text that was initially included on this page?|
|F|M|F|1389620841679|          |bram|Installation details. If your functionality will not be enabled by default in DSpace, provide details on how the functionality can be installed or enabled.|