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The PDF Solution Pack module adds functionality to Islandora for ingesting and viewing PDF files. It uses the ImageMagick library and module to create derivative thumbnail and preview images. Because of the text-based nature of PDF files, it can also be used to create or append easily searchable text datastreams to the object, which can later be configured through Solr to appear in searches.


  • Islandora

  • Tuque

  • ImageMagick is required to create derivatives. Debian/Ubuntu sudo apt-get install imagemagick

  • pdftotext is required to automatically create a FULL_TEXT data stream. Debian/Ubuntu sudo apt-get install pdftotext.


These options set the parameters that will be sent to ImageMagick when ingesting a PDF. ImageMagick will attempt to create these using the first page of the document. Changing these will simply change the size of the derivatives being created.


The PDF Solution pack can utilize the PDF.js viewer to display PDF documents inline. To enable, navigate to the PDF Solution Pack's configuration page (admin/islandora/solution_pack_config/pdf) and select the PDF.js as the viewer.

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