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Welcome to Release 6.2, a bug-fix release for the DSpace 6.x platform. Any previous version of DSpace may be upgraded to DSpace 6 directly. For more information, please see Upgrading DSpace.

6.2 Release Notes

DSpace 6.2 is a bug fix release to release to resolve several issues located in previous 6.x releases.   As it only provides only bug fixes, DSpace 6.2 should constitute an easy upgrade from DSpace 6.x for most users.   No database changes or additional configuration changes should be necessary when upgrading from DSpace 6.x to 6.2.

Major bug fixes include:

  • Bitstream statistics are not shown after a migration to 6.x: DS-3602
  • Database changes of consumers aren't persisted anymore: DS-3680
  • Database migrate fails to create the initial groups: DS-3659
  • Items fail to be reindexed on metadata change when 'authority' consumer is enabled: DS-3660
  • Important bug fixes to DSpace database connection/caching management
    • Indexing: Items failed to be reindexed after metadata changes were made: DS-3660
    • Batch processing: XMLUI Batch Import Failure: DS-3648
    • Group creation: Database migrations sometimes failed to create initial groups (Administrator and Anonymous) in fresh_installs: DS-3659
    • Cache management: DOIOrganiser CLI does not change the database anymore: DS-3656
    • Cache Management: Database changes of consumers aren't persisted anymore: DS-3680
    • Cache Management: Slow batch operations due to Hibernate caching: DS-3286
  • General bug fixes (to all UIs):
    • Pre-6.x Bitstream statistics were not being displayed: DS-3602
    • ImageMagick PDF thumbnail should always create sRGB JPEG files: DS-3517
    .  You should review updated documentation for this feature if you use it.
  • XMLUI Batch Import Failure: DS-3648
  • DOIOrganiser CLI does not change the database anymore: DS-3656
    • ImageMagick PDF Processing Degraded with Changes in 5.7 release: DS-3661

6.2 Acknowledgements

The 6.2 release was led by the DSpace Committers.