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  • Important bug fixes to DSpace database connection/caching management
    • Indexing: Items failed to be reindexed after metadata changes were made: DS-3660
    • Batch processing: XMLUI Batch Import Failure: DS-3648
    • Group creation: Database migrations sometimes failed to create initial groups (Administrator and Anonymous) in fresh_installs: DS-3659
    • Cache management: DOIOrganiser CLI does not change the database anymore: DS-3656
    • Cache Management: Database changes of consumers aren't persisted anymore: DS-3680
    • Cache Management: Slow batch operations due to Hibernate caching: DS-3286
  • General bug fixes (to all UIs):
    • Pre-6.x Bitstream statistics were not being displayed: DS-3602
    • ImageMagick PDF thumbnail should always create sRGB JPEG files: DS-3517
    • ImageMagick PDF Processing Degraded with Changes in 5.7 release: DS-3661




The 6.2 release was led by the DSpace Committers.



6.0 Acknowledgments