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Essentially installing on Windows is the same as installing on Unix so please refer back to the main Installation Instructions section section.

  • Download the DSpace source from GitHub and unzip it (WinZip will do this)
  • If you install PostgreSQL, it's recommended to select to install the pgAdmin III tool. It provides a nice User Interface for interacting with PostgreSQL databases.
  • For all path separators use forward slashes (e.g. "/"). For example: "C:/dspace" is a valid Windows path.  But, be warned that "C:\dspace" IS INVALID and will cause errors.


  • GeoLiteCity Database file fails to download or install, when you run ant fresh_install: There are two common errors that may occur:
    • If your error looks like this:

      Code Block
      [get] Error getting to /usr/local/dspace/config/GeoLiteCity.dat.gz
      /dspace-release/dspace/target/dspace-installer/build.xml:931: Connection timed out

      it means that you likely either (a) don't have an internet connection to download the necessary GeoLite Database file (used for DSpace Statistics), or (b) the GeoLite Database file's URL is no longer valid.

    • Another common message looks like this:

      Code Block
      [echo]          (Used for DSpace Solr Usage Statistics)

      Again, this means the GeoLite Database file cannot be downloaded or is unavailable for some reason. You should be able to resolve this issue by following the   "Manually Installing/Updating GeoLite Database File" instructions.

General DSpace Issues