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Comment: Docs for DS-3271


Command used:

[dspace]/bin/dspace index-discovery [-cbhf[r <item handle>]]

Java class:


Arguments (short and long forms):



called without any options, will update/clean an existing index


(re)build index, wiping out current one if it exists


clean existing index removing any documents that no longer exist in the db


if updating existing index, force each handle to be reindexed even if uptodate


print this help message

-i <object handle>Reindex an individual object (and any child objects).  When run on an Item, it just reindexes that single Item. When run on a Collection, it reindexes the Collection itself and all Items in that Collectoin. When run on a Community, it reindexes the Community itself and all sub-Communities, contained Collections and contained Items.


optimize search core

-r <item handle>

remove an Item, Collection or Community from index based on its handle

-sRebuild the spellchecker, can be combined with -b and -f.