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Code Block
<!--Basic workflow services, comment or remove when switching to the configurable workflow -->
<!--<bean id="workflowServiceFactory" class="org.dspace.workflowbasic.factory.BasicWorkflowServiceFactoryImpl"/>-->
<!--Configurable workflow services, uncomment to enable-->
<bean id="workflowServiceFactory" class="org.dspace.xmlworkflow.factory.XmlWorkflowServiceFactoryImpl"/>


With the xmlworkflow come some separate tables which hibernate needs to be aware of, and the tables for the basic workflow can be disregarded. So edit the [dspace]/config/hibernate.cfg.xml file and comment out the basic workflow classes & enable the xmlworkflow classes. The result is displayed below:


Code Block
<!--<mapping class="org.dspace.workflowbasic.BasicWorkflowItem"/>-->
<!--<mapping class="org.dspace.workflowbasic.TaskListItem"/>-->
<mapping class="org.dspace.xmlworkflow.storedcomponents.ClaimedTask"/>
<mapping class="org.dspace.xmlworkflow.storedcomponents.CollectionRole"/>
<mapping class="org.dspace.xmlworkflow.storedcomponents.InProgressUser"/>
<mapping class="org.dspace.xmlworkflow.storedcomponents.PoolTask"/>
<mapping class="org.dspace.xmlworkflow.storedcomponents.WorkflowItemRole"/>
<mapping class="org.dspace.xmlworkflow.storedcomponents.XmlWorkflowItem"/>



titleWorkflow Data Migration

You will also need to follow the Data Migration Procedure below.


The configuration file for the workflow user interface actions is located in the [dspace]/config/spring/xmlui/ and is named "workflow-actions-xmlui.xml". BEach   Each bean defined here has an id which is the action identifier and the class is a classpath which links to the xmlui class responsible for generating the User Interface side of the workflow action. Each of the class defined here must extend the class, this class contains some basic settings for an action and has a method called addWorkflowItemInformation() which will render the given item with a show full link so you don't have to write the same code in each of your actions if you want to display the item. The id attribute used for the beans in the configuration must correspond to the id used in the workflow configuration. In case an action requires a User Interface class, the workflow framework will look for a UI class in this configuration file.