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Managing the GeoLite Database File


As of DSpace 6.3, this file changed names. In DSpace 6.2 or below, it was named GeoLiteCity.dat. If you still have an old GeoLiteCity.dat file, you can now remove it. The new file is named GeoLite2-City.mmdb

The GeoLite Database file (at [dspace]/config/GeoLiteCityGeoLite2-City.datmmdb) is used by the Statistics engine to generate location/country based reports. (Note: If you are not using DSpace Statistics, this file is not needed.)


Alternatively, DSpace can be configured to use a GeoLite City database file that you already have and maintain by other means.  You can edit \[DSpace\dspace]/config/local.cfg (or \[DSpace\dspace]/config/modules/usage-statistics.cfg), changing the path usage-statistics.dbfile to point to a shared copy of the database.