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  1. An Apache web server with the "mod_shib" module installed. As mentioned, this mod_shib module acts as a proxy for all HTTP requests for your servlet container (typically Tomcat).  Any requests to DSpace that require authentication via Shibboleth should be redirected to 'shibd' (the shibboleth daemon) by this "mod_shib" module.  Details on installing/configuring mod_shib in Apache are available at:   We also have a sample Apache + mod_shib configuration provided below.
  2. An external Shibboleth Idp IdP (Identity Provider).  Using mod_shib, DSpace will only act as a Shibboleth SP (Service Provider). The actual Shibboleth Authentication & Identity information must be provided by an external IdP.  If you are using Shibboleth at your institution already, then there already should be a Shibboleth IdP available. More information about Shibboleth IdPs versus SPs is available at:


The Lazy Session method is preferable for most DSpace installations, as you usually want to provide public access to (most) DSpace content, while restricting access to only particular areas (e.g. administration UI/tools, private Items, etc.).  When Active Sessions are enabled your entire DSpace site will be access restricted.  In other words, when using Active SesssionsSessions, Shibboleth will require everyone to first authenticate before they can access any part of your repository (which essentially results in a "dark archive", as anonymous access will not be allowed).