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Comment: Documented the options for generate-sitemaps


So, for example, if your "dspace.url =" in your "dspace.cfg" configuration file, then the HTML Sitemaps would be at: ""

The generate-sitemaps command

This command accepts several options:




Explain the arguments and options.



Do not generate a sitemap in format.



Do not generate a sitemap in htmlmap format.



Notify all configured search engines that new sitemaps are available.

-p URL

--ping URL

Notify the given URL that new sitemaps are available.  The URL of the new sitemap will be appended to the value of URL.

You can configure the list of "all search engines" by setting the value of sitemap.engineurls in dspace.cfg.

Make your sitemap discoverable to search engines


  • No reliable way to determine OAI-PMH base URL for a DSpace site.
  • No standard or predictable way to get to item display page or full text from an OAI-PMH record, making effective indexing and presenting meaningful results difficult.
  • In most cases provides only access to simple Dublin Core, a subset of available metadata.
  • NOTE: Back in 2008, Google officially announced they were retiring support for OAI-PMH based Sitemaps. So, OAI-PMH will no longer help you get better indexing through Google. Instead, you should be using the DSpace 'generate-sitemaps' feature described above.