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TitleAudienceFormatSuggested byPresenterPresenter approached?Presenter confirmed?
 Committee use only
State of the HydrasphereAll20 minute plenaryRichard GreenTom Cramer  
Hydra in a BoxAll5 or possibly a 20 addressing other major grants too (Avalon+, HydraDam2?)Richard GreenTom Cramer, Mark A. Matienzo, Jon Dunn, Karen Cariani?  
Working with Linked Data in Ruby (RDF.rb Workshop)DevelopersWorkshop (half day?)Tom JohnsonGregg Kellogg(?), or Tom Johnson  
Linked data, URIs, and labelsDevelopersPresentationJustin CoyneTrey Pendragon, Tom Johnson, or Justin Coyne  

Introducing Hydra-works: PCDM in Hydra

DevelopersPresentationJustin CoyneLynette Rayle  
Everthing that's wrong with OM and what I'm doing to fix it. (working title)DevelopersInterpretive DanceJustin CoyneJoe Atzberger  
Introduction to Angular 2 (Javascript framework)DevelopersPresentationJustin CoyneMatt Zumwalt or Justin Coyne  
ECMAScript 6 is now: The next version of javascript is hereDevelopersPresentationJustin CoyneMatt Zumwalt or Justin Coyne  
Deploying Hydra on DockerOpsPresentationJustin CoyneErin Fahy or Chris Beer  
Hydra: The bad parts. Taking time to evaluate what should be better. Making a plan to fix it.DevelopersBreakout or workshop?Justin Coyne   
CurationEngine (or whatever it's called) / Sufia roadmapAllBreakout or workshopJustin CoyneJon Stroop (and Michael J. Giarlo is happy to collab on this)  
Kaltura Video: Stream-lining integration into a Hydra Head.DevelopersBreakout / Lightning TalkThomas ScherzThomas Scherz  
Documenting Sufia for ManagersAllWorkshop (half day)Michael J. GiarloMichael J. Giarlo, Mahria Lebow, steve van tuyl  
Zotero as a deposit toolAllBreakout / Lightning TalkMichael J. GiarloMichael J. Giarlo  
Hydra and the PCDM: where are we and what should we do next?AllBreakoutMichael J. Giarlo?  
GeoBlacklight - Discovery of Geospatial Data in a repositoryDevelopersWorkshop / PresentationJack ReedDarren Hardy, Jack Reed, Eliot Jordan  
PCDM Modeling for Geospatial DataAllBreakoutJack ReedEliot Jordan, Darren Hardy, Unknown User (griffinj)  
Managing Geospatial MetadataAllWorkshop (half-day)Jack ReedKim Durante or Eliot Jordan or Darren Hardy  
Testing your javascript with JasmineDevelopersPresentation / lightning talkJustin CoyneCarolyn Cole  

Realtime Edge for a Hydra Back-end

Devs??Email to hydra-connect from Fred Stein   
Introduction to SpotlightAllBreakoutcbeercbeer, jkeck  
Deep dive into SpotlightDevsBreakout / Workshop?cbeercbeer, jkeck  
Approaches to indexing content into SolrDevsBreakoutcbeercbeer, jkeck  
Report on Blacklight search index abstractionDevsBreakoutcbeercbeer, jkeck, barmintor  
Indexing Linked Data resourcesDevsWorkshopcbeer   
Data modelling based on a standardized domain modelAll20 min presentationAnders Conrad

Anders Conrad or Christian Ertmann-Christiansen

Pair documentation: long-time hydra people pair with newer folks to produce in-line documentation for existing gems. Long-time folks bring experience with code base and newer folks bring perspective on where comments should focus. Doubles as a great mentoring exercise.DevsWorkshopAnna Headley   
Deploying hydra with Ansible and AWSOps10 min presentation? could also go up or downAnna HeadleyAnna Headley and Alicia Cozine


Remote pairing: tools roundup or possible demo; also why this is a thing we should do moreDevs5-min presentationAnna Headley   
Tour of the Hydra testing stackDevs (very new)10 min presentationAnna Headley   
Ruby: Modules, classes, concerns, extending, including, and overriding code from outside gems, especially where the code you want to change lives outside the traditional model / controller rails locations. A few walk throughts of concrete examples.Devs (new / intermediate)20 min presentationAnna Headley   
Test optimization: let's make our tests fasterDevsbreakout sessionAnna Headley   

Hydra 9 / Fedora 4 related.  

  • Fedora 4 + Hydra 9:  What's it about, what do I get from it?
  • Linked data
  • What does the process of upgrading involve?
Non-technical for managers.These might be separate, be a workshop, form a strand?  Richard Green   

Portland Common Data Model - what is it, why is it useful, should I use it, how would I convert existing objects to it?


10 mins?
20 mins?

Richard Green, Tom CramerKaren Estlund (question), Matt Critchlow (question), Andrew Myers (question)  

Allies workshop    
Metadata Working Group Reports
  1. Technical Metadata Baseline
  2. Rights Metadata (descriptive) and Access Rights
  3. Descriptive Metadata User Survey Results
  4. Applied Linked Data Group (I think they are already filling the board with suggestions)
  5. Structural Metadata and PCDM?
Repository data visualization (see email 2015-06-04)MgrsBreakoutMichael FrisciaMichael Friscia   
Code Retreat: "a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design." ( All DayJeremy FriesenJeremy Friesen  
Introduction to Linked Data Platform (LDP)Devs10 minutes ?Hector CorreaI could volunteer or we can try to get Rob Sanderson or Andrew Woods  
Sipity: A plugin-ready workflow application for building Submission Information Packets and taming your non-repository library workflowsDevsPresentation 20 minutesJeremy FriesenJeremy Friesen  
Alternate Rails Architectures: A dive through the collaborating objects of Sipity, and why those parts are thereDevsBreakoutJeremy FriesenJeremy Friesen  

Managing Agile Projects: A discussion on the management of agile projects covering priorities, estimation, tools and techniques used in the process, success stories and lessons learned.

ManagersBreakoutMatt Critchlow Linda Newman Karen CarianiWe are envisioning a round table/breakout discussion, and any/all of us are happy to facilitate.  
Accepting Application Ownership: Things that we can do to better own our applications (This is a redux and refinement of LDCX lightning talk)AllLightning TalkJeremy FriesenJeremy Friesen  
Hydra: Orientation for New Adopters and Partners. How does the community actually work? What are all these gems and heads I hear about? How do I know where to start? How do we contribute back?MgrsPresentation ?Tom Cramer   
Customizing your Blacklight application, best practicesDevsBreakout/WorkshopJack ReedJessie Keck  
Migration for Managers - when is it critical to migrate and upgrade? how much time should be allotted for it? what happens if you are so far behind upgrades that it seems hopeless?MgrsBreakout?Karen Cariani?  
GeoCoding ToolingDevs, MgrsBreakoutJack ReedTom Johnson, Steven Anderson, Eben English, Mark A. Matienzo  
Hydra-in-a-Box Technical ArchitectureDevelopersBreakout (Pre-Con (question)) – 2 hours? half day?Tom CramerCore gem developers  
Hydra-in-a-Box Product Focus GroupManagersBreakoutTom Cramer

Hannah Frost
Audrey Altman

Hydra-in-a-Box – Report on Landscape Survey of Repository SolutionsManagersPresentation - 20 minTom CramerMark A. Matienzo?
Rachel Frick? 
Integrating Metadata Enrichment into the Hydra Stack as a Core ComponentDevelopersBreakoutTom Cramer

Tom Johnson?Mark Breedlove?
Chris Beer

Linked Data Fragments: Easing the pain of linked data vocabulariesDevelopers5 minute lightning talkSteven Anderson1-2 from Applied Linked Data Group (Subgroup Page)  
Unpacking Service Management: Roles, Responsibilities, ResultsAllworkshop/presentationTony Navarrete

Hannah Frost ?

Karen Estlund

Patricia Hswe

Carolyn Caizzi

     Deploying and managing SolrCloudDevelopersWorkshopcbeercbeer, efahy