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  • July 10, 2015

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Dial: +1 (530) 881-1400
Access Code: 651025#


Facilitator: Steven Anderson (BPL)

Notetaker: Linda Newman (Cincinnati)

  • Richard Green (Hull)  apologies
  • Mike Giarlo (Penn State) (just late, not absent)
  • Mike Friscia (Yale)
  • Dean Kraft Krafft (Cornell)
  • Jon Stroop (Princeton)
  • Ray Lubinski (UVA)
  • Mark Matienzo (DPLA)
  • Richard Shrake (Case Western)
  • Will Cowan (Indiana University)
  • Tom Cramer (Stanford)
  • Karen Estlund (Oregon)
  • Sheila Rabun (Oregon)
  • Anders Conrad (Royal Library)
  • Chris Awre (Hull)
  • Karen Cariani (WGBH) sorry - late!


Agenda & Notes

  1. Roll Call
    1. Attending
    2. Welcome New Folks  - Sheila Rabun and Richard Shrake
    3. Call for Agenda Items

2. Next call

  • Date: August 14th
  • Facilitator: TBA
  • Notetaker: TBA

3. Hydra-in-a-Box project - update?

4.  Progress on issues from Power Steering (see (see also

5. Standing Community to-do's

    1. Reports back from meetings (if any)
      1. Open Repositories
    2. Next Partner and dev-centric meetings
      1. Hydra Connect 2015
        1. List of Monday workshops to be released in the next few days
      2. Hydra Connect 2016
        1. No decision yet
      3. DuocUC, in Santiago, Chile, would like to host a Hydra workshop 19-26 August.
      4. Code4Lib Midwest at Ohio State July 23-24:
    3. Training
    4. Reports from Interest & Working Groups
      1. Archivists Interest Group :
      2. Digital Preservation Interest Group : The group invites everyone to contribute to the Discussion of the Scope & Objectives for the Hydra Digital Preservation Interest Group.
      3. User Experience Interest Group :
      4. Web presence WG : 
      5. Service Manager IG : 
      6. Page viewer/page turner IG : 
      7. Metadata Working Group  : 
      8. Time-based Media IG (T-MIG) : 

6. Prospective Partner Intel Sharing

7. Any other old or new business

a. Apologies over the appearance (via Hannah) of the original files for the Hydra logo and then their almost immediate takedown (via Richard (me)).  If any Partner wants a logo file for legitimate Hydra use, just post a request to the Partner list.  At the moment the files are "hidden", which I seem to recall was a deliberate decision by Steering Group,  pending Hydra's trademark application which might be jeopardised if they were in the public domain.