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The easiest (free) way to get to the library is to use the Bull City Connector. It runs every 17 minutes (starting at 6:30am) and it stops about 2 blocks from the library (Research Dr at Circuit Dr). It also picks up at the Hilton Garden Inn - if you are staying there you can use this route to get to the library. If you are staying elsewhere, just use Google Maps to find the nearest stop.

There is also a shuttle that goes from the Hilton Garden Inn to the library, but it only holds 8 people and we can't reserve it, so please be prepared to use the Bull City Connector (or another means) if the shuttles are full.

From the Bull City Connector stop, use this route to get to the library.  Proceed downhill on Research Drive past Levine Science Research Center on your right.  Take the walkway to the right just after the red brick Hudson Hall Engineering Building and the next walkway to the left at Fitzpatrick Center for Interdisciplinary Engineering, Medicine and Applied Sciences/Twinnie's Cafe.  Follow this up the stairs, across Telcom Drive, up the stairs, and enter Bostock Library on the left under the archway.  The Edge Training Room is on the side of the library opposite the doors and to the left on the ground floor.

To avoid stairs, take Research Drive to Telcom Drive, take the first walkway to your left behind Bostock Library, turn right and right again to round the building.  The door to Bostock will be on your right.



If you require parking at the library, please contact David Wilcox to reserve a space.