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  1. SHARE Notify gem: Penn State is just about finished implementing a mechanism to publish files from Scholarsphere into SHARE Notify. It could make a good gem if others are interested in doing the same with their Sufia or Hydra-based apps. (Adam Wead)
  2. Develop implementation plan for collection permissions and/or user collections, admin sets, and display sets.  I'd like to get this nailed down enough that we can come away from HDC with an implementation plan.  Cornell has a project that needs this on the near horizon and I have cycles to work on implementation starting in Feb. (Lynette Rayle)
  3. Hydra/Fedora positioning: what is the desired line of responsibility between the two and necessary implementation changes (if any). (Andrew Woods) 
    1. Potentially related: identify necessary, high-priority Fedora updates and/or fixes.
  4. "Book Concerns" - how best to wrap up an additional layer of assumptions on Curation Concerns for sharing. Things like IIIF concerns to be used for books. (Trey Pendragon)
  5. Add Browse Everything functionality to Curation Concerns. (Trey Pendragon)
    1. And remove from Sufia (or base Sufia's impl of browse-everything on CC's) – let's not do the same thing in two places if we don't need to.
  6. Build a new version of the "hydra" gem and test "Dive into Hydra" with it. There was a 9.1.0.rc1 last April, but that's the last time anyone touched it. 2-3 hrs (Justin Coyne)  If this is for PCDM, test "Dive into Hydra-Works".  When is it time for Dive into Hydra-Works to replace Dive into Hydra?  Write a test suite for Hydra:Works that covers the Dive into Hydra-Works tutorial. (Lynette Rayle)
  7. Run Hydra on Solr 5. This means replacing jettywrapper with solr_wrapper and fcrepo_wrapper ( 4 hrs (Justin Coyne)
  8. Promote CurationConcerns to projecthydra (from labs). 2 hrs (Justin Coyne)
  9. Flexible metadata handling where additional fields can be applied to all collections, specific collections, or based on resource. 4 hrs. (Lynette Rayle)
  10. Formal workflow support including workflow states with users assigned roles that allow them to operate on resources in a given state, ability to move forward and back between workflow states, and control over release dates of resources. 4 hrs. (Jeremy Friesen)
  11. Admin functionality for managing users (e.g. blocking/deleting users, resetting passwords), user roles and privileges, managing collections and works  at the repository level and collection level (e.g. super-admin can view/edit/delete all collections; collection admin can grant privileges to users for that collection; super-admin can view/edit/delete all works; collection admin can view/edit/delete works within a collection).  (Lynette Rayle)
  12. Review Sufia UI WG's new wireframes for Sufia 7, especially of interest to Sufia and CurationConcerns developers and users (Lynette Rayle, David Trujillo, Mike Giarlo)
  13. Build a new HydraCamp VM, decide what tutorials it should support. < 1 day (Mark Bussey)
  14. Extract mediated deposit and workflow from HyHull (video demo here) for potential integration into Sufia or curation_concerns based heads - possibly merge with #10. 2-3 days for proof-of-concept (Mark Bussey)
  15. Background caching / cache warming for remote authorities --> marmotta.  (Mark Bussey)
  16. Better auto-suggest behavior for questioning authority for authorities with large vocabularies (i.e. LACNAF, LCSH). 1.5 days (Mark Bussey)
  17. Configurable auto-suggest disambiguation for questioning_authority (i.e. specify second term to show for disambiguation). < 1 day (Mark Bussey)
  18. Performance tune adding items to PCDM containers with many objects, esp. ordered sets. (Mark Bussey) - problem: we're seeing potential performance issues ingesting multiple objects and/or large collections
  19. "Media Concerns" - can we come up with a basic reference model for curation_concerns for video and audio that can be augmented as needed for specific use cases? Similar to #4 (Mark Bussey)
  20. "On-demand" cloud instances to support dive-into-hydra or other tutorials - Dockerize Hydra? this might be crazy talk... (Mark Bussey)
  21. Extract IIIF-generating functionality from Plum and move to CurationConcerns (Esmé Cowles)
  22. API for external services to consume "Access Controls" from Hydra based repos.  (Mark Bussey)
  23. CSV importer for Sufia (Mark Bussey)
  24. Roadmap for ActiveTriples 1.0 (Tom Johnson)
  25. Set up a robust Vagrant environment that will make it easy for people to do Dive into Hydra and Dive into Hydra-Works without a lot of environment set up. (Glen Horton)
  26. ActiveFedora Changeset Refactor (Tom Johnson)
  27. Deploying Blacklight / Hydra / fcrepo4 to AWS (using AWS services) (CloudSearch, RDS, etc) (Chris Beer)

Other Topics

  1. A brief tutorial on the internal workings of HydraHead, ActiveFedora and/or Blacklight to get more developers familiar with the core gems. (suggested by Esmé Cowles)
  2. Promote CurationConcerns from the projecthydra-labs Github organization to projecthydra (and review the contributing guidelines to make sure they are relevant) (Esmé Cowles)
    1. Also, how about:
      1. active_fedora-noid
      2. activefedora-aggregation
      3. hydra-works
      4. hydra-pcdm