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titleDSpace 7.0 Estimated Release Schedule

DSpace 7.0 is under active development, and is tentatively scheduled to be released in mid 2019. The current timelines/goals are:

  • "Preview" release by early 2019 (around Feb)late March. The "preview" release may not include all eventual DSpace 7 features, but gives the opportunity for early feedback from users / testers. One key feature of this "preview" release will be to show off an early version of Configurable Entities (see also DSpace 7 Entities Working Group).
  • Beta release in first second quarter of 2019 (tentative date - may change). The beta release will be feature-complete and provide an opportunity for more extensive testing / debugging / banging on the system.
  • Final 7.0 release prior to OR2019 (tentative date - may change). Our goal remains to have a final release to show off at the OR2019 conference in Hamburg. This date is still tentative as it depends heavily on meeting earlier release the third quarter of 2019.

If you or your institution would like to contribute to this release process (which can help us speed up development), we welcome contributors to the DSpace 7 Working Group. We also welcome developers to simply help us review & test new features/improvements (pull requests) as they are developed. Contributing testing and/or code reviews can help us speed up the development feedback loop & get features into the release more quickly. Get in touch with Tim Donohue if you'd like to contribute!