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Comment: updated information about the text field configuration


  • an “Year Min” and “Year Max” to set the calendar minimum and maximum year.




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Two Three extra elements are specific for the Text field:

  • the “Size” metadata sets the textbox size
  • the “Regex” metadata is available to validate a regular expression
  • the "Custom rendering" metadata allows to set a custom rendering for the text as for instance the creation of automatic links. The {0} special placeholder will be automatically replaced with the actual text value . For instance the orcid field configuration is <a target="_blank" href="{0}">{0}> that allow the ORCID ID to be shown as a link to the ORCID website (by default the sandbox but it is easy to change the configuration accordly)


It is a nested object made up of one or more data types. As the next figure shows, the user has the possibility to add every kind of element to be nested (a text, a date, a link, a file, a researcher profile pointer, a project pointer, an organization unit pointer, a DO pointer), each one with its specific form explained in this documentation.


For example: cris/uuid/${displayObject.uuid}

 [BA1]Add details about dropdown, radio buttons and custom rendering