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The nested_entities sheet contains the nested object owned by the object defined in main_entities sheet. In fact the first three columns are CRISID_PARENT, SOURCEREF_PARENT, SOURCEID_PARENT that are related to the entity contained in the main_entities sheet. The system during the ingest process will process first the main_entities sheet and then the nested_entities sheet, in order to make available the parent object when importing the nested objects. The other three columns UUID, SOURCEREF, SOURCEID are mandatory for the file structure. The other columns depend on the specific nested entity configuration.

Only for import needs an ACTION and a NONE column to manipulate the entities. Below is the list of possible actions:


Note that this ACTION column MUST be the first column of the main_entities sheet and NONE column the last, the NONE column must be filled with '#' for all entities .

  • CREATE build a brand new entity, if the object is founded in the repository works as UPDATE
  • UPDATE* try to update the existent entity founded on database. The entity is retrieved using  the CRISID, UUID, SOURCEREF, SOURCEID, if no entity is found  on the database OR there are  no values in CRISID, UUID, SOURCEREF, SOURCEID cells then it works as CREATE action
  • DELETE: remove the entity and its nested object from repository
  • HIDE**: set the public visibility to hide, if the object is not found works as CREATE
  • SHOW**: set the visibility to public , if the object is not found works as CREATE