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  1. Perhaps a brief shell script could maintain these tests in a cross-platform maintainable way. 
  2. Recommend a shell script for each manual test.
  3. Can someone write up a shell script that uses curl in order to do these manual tasks? Jared doing some test scripting now, Esme and others may assist.
  4. Beth: test scripts should be human readabale so that humans can execute these tests on their own. Adam: We still need a Test Compatibility Toolkit (TCK) to automate this no matter what. Still useful to have test cases target for humans to execute.
  5. Need JIRA tickets for test automation and to create a human readaable guide for manual testing by non-developers. (new JIRA Ticket: 
    serverDuraSpace JIRA
  6. Also need to run vagrant tests and consistency checks between Fedora, Solr and the triplestore.
  7. Test Camel messaging? Should test at least one camel message type.