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Further background and information about HLS can be found on: wikipedia,, and (as well as many other sites).


A simple example of displaying an HLS video file that is streamed via DuraCloud can be found on this page. If you review the page source, you will see that an HTML 5 video tag is used along with javascript from hls.js. The HTML 5 audio tag can be used similarly for audio content. The DuraCloud space where the video content is stored is set to allow open streaming (details on this below). The video in the example was transcoded using AWS Elastic Transcoder to create a single audio segment at 64k and a single video segment at 600k from a source MP4 video file.

Configuration of secure streaming is more involved due to the redirecting that is required (see the interaction flow below). For this reason, a demo application was created to provide an example of how your web application could utilize secure streams:

Open and Secure HLS Streaming