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  1. Hyku is a Hyrax-based application, so you'll need to start out by ensuring you have all the necessary Hyrax pre-requisites installed. Generally speaking, you should also review the Hyrax installation/
  2. Install the Hyku codebase itself (e.g. by cloning
  3. Install all gem dependencies: bundle install
  4. Create your database (should be PostgreSQL as noted above): rake db:create
  5. Run all database migrations: rake db:migrate
  6. Start servers (which starts Solr, Fedora, and Rails together): rake hydra:server
    1. Alternatively, if you are doing a lot of development, you may find it easier to start/stop each of these individually by running each of the following in different terminals:
      1. solr_wrapper  (Starts Solr on port 8983)
      2. fcrepo_wrapper (Starts Fedora on port 8984)
      3. rails server (Starts Hyku on Hydra on port 3000)
  7. Ensure you have loaded the Hyrax Workflows and created the default Hyrax Administrative Set. Currently, these are not run automatically, and the default AdminSet is required before you can add Works.
    1. rake hyrax:workflow:load
    2. rake hyrax:default_admin_set:create
  8. Access Hyku by visiting http://localhost:3000/ in a web-browser.
    1. To create an initial administrator account, simply register with a new login/password.