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Fedora Value Proposition Brainstorming

  • 22 statements
  • 113 votes
  • 24 participants (15/23 Leaders)

Preservation Statement

  • Need to resolve outstanding comments and proceed to draft statement(s)

Fedora Camp NYC

  • Only 5 registrants so far
  • Need to promote and ensure the event is a success

Import/Export Feature

  • First sprint started this week

OSF/Fedora Integration Use Cases

  • Need to document use cases from Leaders
Fedora Performance at Scale IssuesAndrew 

Previous Actions

None mentioned.


Fedora Value Proposition

Has not been shared to fedora-community, but has been in fedora-tech call notes.  Gathered enough feedback or more needed? Multiple statements to be used to inform marketing.  Suggestion that individual write the document to keep message and tone consistent.  Select members of Steering to refine statements. 


Preservation case studies from select implementers would potentially be useful.  Also interested perhaps survey on a broad definition of what preservation means not tied to specific specifications like OAIS.  Volunteers include Tuttle, Marks, Kurtz ...  David may be able to suggest others who weren't in attendance today.


Fedora Camp NYC

Logistics going well. 5 registrants 3 months out.  Down from expected progress.  Want 20-25 paid registrations.  Please consider registering if interested and help publicize the event.


Import/Export Feature

Spring started 8/29.  Good mix of people and roles.  Phase 1 focused on creating client side tooling to interact with Fedora importing and exporting in RDF way.  Phase 2, hosted by Phase 2, to include Bag-it.  Not a blocker to 4.6.0 as it's all client-side.

Open Science Framework












/Fedora Integration Use Cases

Some members suggested they might have relevant use cases.  If you have an interest, please respond.  Payette expressed interest and asked for clarification about Fedora as source or destination in existing projects.  Andrew explained that some are interested in ingest into Fedora as automated process after data stored on other systems.  Could lead to larger conversation about communication between storage and discovery, data flow between them, and implications on other integrations such as VIVO.  Andrew also discussed this as a possible method of Fedora expansion into Europe.


Fedora Performance at Scale Issues

For containers with multiple members, like a collection, if the members grow to the thousands, performance suffers.  Exploring 3 avenues: including Hydra-level-change in directionality so members point to collection.  Ben at Columbia was working on 2 Fedora optimization approaches but was redirected.  HyBox has tasked 2 developers to assist.