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  • Membership/partnership outreach
    • BIBSYS
      • No response from Frode yet
      • Michele recommends making finding personal connections/introductions - he may have some 
      • BIBSYS is using XLIbris
    • SURF - Michele may have some connections for personal introductions
    • RIAN
      • Michele doesn't know much about this org - but will talk with contact at Trinity College, John Marves and get some info
    •  Canadian Federation of Library Associations
      • no one knew anything about this org
      • Mark Leggot has a new role with Canadian Research Libraries - VIVO is working on that connection
  • Other outreach opportunities
    • Less ideal targets:
      • DUOC 
        • Michele doesn't see a direct interest in DuraSpace activities - might not be an ideal target for outreach
        • Debra agrees the connection may not have ideal alignment and likely not membership potential, but that it may be an introduction/gateway for other connections; she attended conference in Santiago, they were very interested in Hydra
      • Ankos - because of coup in Turkey it may not be worth effort right now, Michele had contact he spoke with before coup and they wanted a closer connection with community and DuraSpace, Michele will contact again when things stablize a bit
    • Ideal targets
      • COAR - Michele will make some personal introductions
      • CAUDIT - Michele suggest that we may want to add them to the target list
        • organization of CIOs 
        • Michele will contact Ann Kelly/Virginia Barbara about closer relationship with DSpace community
        • List of DuraSpace software instances is Australia:[0]=field_country%3Aaustralia 
        • Val added that we have pursued Australia agressively for membership
        • Mike added that VIVO is cultivating connections in Austrailia, specifically the National Data Service - and that outreach to the region is strategic now given that OR17 will be in Australia
          • Michele knows Paul Sherlock, can introduce him - Mike indicated this would be helpful
          • Mike says NDS is very involved in research impact
          • Jonathan addes that the emphasis there seems to be on research data repositories - sharing research data/info
      • Red Clara
        • Michele doesn't have specific contacts, but has met someone at a mtg from RedClara; has spoken with Clara Martinez, the executive director from the Columbian Institute of Science and Technology, they want to collect research data
        • Discussed Columbian DSpace instance list:[0]=field_country%3Acolombia, Val mentioned that Columbian DSpace has been growing rapidly over the past few years so may be worth looking at 
        • Michele suggested we validate the instance list 
        • Jonathan suggested that there might be opportunities for VIVO