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There are several configuration files to configure DSpace's LOD support. The main configuration file can be found under [dspace-source]/dspace/config/modules/rdf.cfg. Within DSpace we use spring to define which classes to load. For DSpace's LOD support this is done withing within [dspace-source]/dspace/config/spring/api/rdf.xml. All other configuration files are positioned in the directory [dspace-source]/dspace/config/modules/rdf/. Configurations in rdf.cfg can be modified directly, or overrridden overridden via your local.cfg config file (see Configuration Reference). You'll have to configure where to find and how to connect to the triple store. You may configure how to generate URIs to be used within the generated Linked Data and how to convert the contents stored in DSpace into RDF. We will guide you through the configuration file by file.