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Comment: Finished documentation of DS-3190


This file defines which classes are loaded by DSpace to provide the RDF functionality. There is only one line you probably ever might have to change:are two things you might want to change: The class that is responsible to generate the URIs to be used within the converted data and the list of Plugins that is used during conversion. To change the class responsible for the URIs change the following line:

Code Block
<property name="generator" ref=""/>

This lines defines how URIs should be generated, to be used within the converted data. The LocalURIGenerator generates URIs using the ${dspace.url} property. The HandleURIGenerator uses handles in form of HTTP URLs. It uses the property ${handle.canonical.prefix} to convert handles into HTTPS URLs. The class uses DOIs in the form of HTTP URLs if possible or local URIs if there are no DOIs. It uses the DOI resolver "" to convert DOIs into HTTP URLs. The class does the same but uses Handles as fallback if no DOI exists. The fallbacks are necessary as DOIs are currently used for Items only and not for Communities or Collections.

List all plugins to All plugins that are instantiated within the configuration file will automatically be used during the conversion of DSpace contents into RDF. If you write a . Per default the list looks like the following:

Code Block
<!-- configure all plugins the converter should use. If you don't want to
         use a plugin, remove it here. -->
    <bean id="org.dspace.rdf.conversion.SimpleDSORelationsConverterPlugin" class="org.dspace.rdf.conversion.SimpleDSORelationsConverterPlugin"/>
    <bean id="org.dspace.rdf.conversion.MetadataConverterPlugin" class="org.dspace.rdf.conversion.MetadataConverterPlugin"/>
    <bean id="org.dspace.rdf.conversion.StaticDSOConverterPlugin" class="org.dspace.rdf.conversion.StaticDSOConverterPlugin"/>

You can remove plugins if you don't want them. I you develop a new conversion plugin you want to add its class name to this propertylist.


As described above you should add rdf to the property event.dispatcher.default.consumers and in dspace.cfg. This configures DSpace to automatically update the triple store every time the publicly available content of the repository is changed. Nevertheless there is a command line tool that gives you the possibility to update the content of the triple store. As the triple store is used as a cache only, you can delete its content and reindex it every time you think it is necessary of helpful. The command line tool can be started by the following command which will show its online help: