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Meeting Times & Communication Channels

  • Meetings: We meet every week on Thurs at 15:00UTC (11am EDT), primarily via Google Hangouts (using Slack as a backchannel).  Anyone is welcome to join these meetings.
    • Meetings typically last one hour. We post a weekly reminder on our Slack channels (see below), along with a brief agenda.
    • Meeting notes are all available below.
    • Google Hangouts 
      • Please be aware our Google Hangouts attendee limit is 25 individuals. While we usually do not get close to that limit, if you have a larger team that wishes to attend, we ask that you consider calling in together (e.g. from a shared conference room).
  • Slack: Between meetings, we encourage usage of Slack to keep in touch and ask questions. If you have not yet joined the DSpace Slack, you may request an invite. All are welcome on Slack.
    • In Slack, we primarily use two channels:
      • #angular-ui : For DSpace 7 (Angular) UI updates, discussions and/or questions.
      • #rest-api : For DSpace 7 REST API updates, discussions and/or questions.
  • Email: We use standard DSpace lists to communicate updates, meetings, etc. Early on, we are primarily using dspace-devel (our developers mailing list) and Slack for these communications. Once we get further along, regular updates will also be announced on dspace-community (and other lists).

Next Meeting

ThursdayTuesday, Nov 21 from 15:00-16:00 UTC (10am-11am -12pm EDTEST) in Google Hangouts:

  • Agenda: 
    • (NOTE: When daylight savings time ends in your region, this meeting will become one hour earlier for you (as UTC doesn't have daylight savings)Upcoming schedule: Tim will be out next week (DuraSpace staff meetings, No meeting the week of Nov 13-17), and the following week is USA Thanksgiving (Nov 23-24, as Tim is traveling. Instead, we've rescheduled for Tues, Nov 21)
    • Updates on latest efforts (either Angular UI or REST API), currently with a concentration on Search Mockup development, Submission wizard development, and MyDSpace as a dashboard (backend) development.
    • (Other specific topics TBD)

Meeting Notes