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Comment: add notice about ORCID and ADS providers


Code Block
<bean name="wosInputMap" class="java.util.HashMap" scope="prototype">
		<map key-type="java.lang.String" value-type="java.lang.String">
			<entry key="isiId" value="isiId" />
			<entry key="doi" value="doi" />
			<entry key="issn" value="jissn" />
			<entry key="journalTitle" value="journal" />
			<entry key="title" value="title" />
			<entry key="year" value="issued" />
			<entry key="volume" value="volume" />
			<entry key="issue" value="issue" />
			<entry key="startPage" value="firstpage" />
			<entry key="endPage" value="lastpage" />
			<entry key="authors" value="authors" />
			<entry key="citationCount" value="wosCitation" />
			<entry key="keywords" value="keywords" />
			<entry key="language" value="language" />
			<entry key="abstracts" value="abstract" />
			<entry key="abstractita" value="abstractita" />
			<entry key="abstracteng" value="abstracteng" />
			<entry key="abstractfre" value="abstractfre" />
			<entry key="abstractger" value="abstractger" />
			<entry key="abstractesp" value="abstractesp" />
			<entry key="publisherName" value="publisher" />
			<entry key="publisherPlace" value="publisherPlace" />
			<entry key="publisherCountry" value="publisherCountry" />
			<entry key="itemType" value="subtype" />
			<entry key="wosType" value="providerType" />


An ORCIDOnlineDataprovider exists to import publications (Works) from an ORCID profile, see ORCID Integration


An ADS OnlineDataprovider exists to import publications from the Astrophysics Data System. A valid, free, ADS API Key is required

Periodic scanning of the external database



Code Block

The bash script will execute all the dspace script needed by the functionality to

  • retrieve the citation count from web of knowledge (max 10000 publications for execution, ignoring publication with citation count new than 7 days)
  • count the number of publication in wok (with a dc.identifier.isi)
  • aggregate the metrics to the Researcher level

The file [dspace-installDir]/config/modules/cris.cfg contains some relevant configurations

Code Block
ametrics.thomsonreuters.wos.enabled = ${cris.ametrics.thomsonreuters.wos.enabled}
ametrics.thomsonreuters.wos.endpoint = ${cris.ametrics.thomsonreuters.wos.endpoint}
#wos id
ametrics.identifier.ut = dc.identifier.isi


By default, the system expects to be granted to use the WoK webservice by IP. If you need to authenticate with username / password you need to customize the [dspace-installDir]/config/crosswalks/wos-header.template file