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-p force the script to use POST call to ORCID instead of PUT (put is more efficient but replace all the existent publications, projects, organisations in the ORCID profile created from DSpace-CRIS with the new value. POST will just append the new values). Please note that information input manually by the researcher in his ORCID profile or created in his profile by other system (like crossref, scopus, etc.) cannot be never overridden by DSpace-CRIS

Note that DSpace-CRIS will perform an operation on the Orcid Queue when

  1.      add/remove/change metadata at first level
  2.      add/remove/save metadata at nested level (like affiliation and education)

Point 1. and 2. will perform a request of push for the Researcher Profile on Orcid Queue. In particular the second point means that modification on value at metadata "nested" object (like modification on "Role" of the "affiliation" nested object) not perform any operation on Orcid Queue but the "Save" event will do it. So the operation of open a nested object without change it perform an ADD operation on the Orcid Queue. By the way on the metadata first level (like authorid, country, keywords, personalsite, scopusid, variants) any ADD/REMOVE/CHANGE events occuring the system will perform a push of the Researcher Profile that need to perform a synchronization.

Mapping local properties to ORCID