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Comment: add information about import of publication from ORCID


The scenario #2 has been discussed in the Submission lookup section.

Using the code available in the 5_x_x branch is also possible to import publication from an ORCID profile in DSpace-CRIS. An ORCIDDataloaderProvider for BTE is included that allow to input an ORCID in the first submission screen (Search by Identifiers) and importing one or all the publications. The dataloader will use the structural information available in the ORCID Work plus the citation field if supplied in a format understandable by another BTE provider (such as BibTex, EndNote, etc.)

The ORCID Online dataloader provider need to be enabled in the bte.xml file


Currently it is not possible to import from ORCID information related to other entities like:

  • publications
  • projects
  • organisations

from DSpace-CRIS to ORCID