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  1. Fedora 4.7.1 release status
  2. Community planning
    1. Pain points
      1. Performance of "many members"
      2. Ugliness of pairtree resources
      3. migration of PIDs from fcrepo3 to fcrepo4
      4. Migration from fcrepo3 to fcrepo4 in general and in a reasonable amount of time for 1M+ objects
      5. Loss of system dates, the migration of creation/modification times from fcrepo3 to fcrepo4
      6. Intra-repository referential integrity can be a pain point, but it has benefits too
    2. Features of interest
      1. RDF1.1 serialization - breaking change
      2. AppleTrees - only for new installations (ticket for the taking)
      3. Alignment with API spec - breaking change
      4. Bug fixes
    3. Mapping features to releases
      1. 4.7.x and 4.8.x
      2. 5.x - Semantic Versioning: what is the minimum milestone for the transition?
    4. Trajectory of development
      1. Community/ModeShape impl addresses bugs, aligns with API spec
      2. Alt-impls emerging in alignment with API spec
      3. Common API and import/export facilitates transfer between impls
        • Transfer impact mitigated by "external-content"?
  3. Interest in Fedora Docker? ...looking for another maintainer for fcrepo4-docker
  4. Fedora DevOps interest group in collaboration with Islandora and Hydra
  5. Delta analysis between current Fedora impl and the specification
  6. WebApp configuration possibilities - fcrepo-webapp-plus limitations
  7. ...
  8. Status of "in-flight" tickets


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