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  • Financial Vision for 2017

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  1. Doing Community Communications & Marketing Better
    1. conference sponsorship – $
    2. pay someone to redo website – $ to $$
      1. includes viz design, information architecture, content assembly / generation, new platform (different than WP-hosted WP...)
      2. and ensure adequate hosting/patching - $
    3. someone to do ongoing updating of website & social media – 16-40 hours / month - $ to $$
      1. Think about and edit regularly. Get content. Make updates. Needs to be continuous effort. Could be student, even, or a professional. 
  2. Doing Better Technical Communication
    1. contract someone to help with technical documentation, with priorities defined by community / HPS – $ 
      1. but make sure we're not doing docs for docs sake, and generating a Sisyphean task.
    2. contract with someone to produce documentation and diagrams that reflect project "roadmap" – $ to $$ 
      This would require somewhat substantial technical and domain knowledge of Hydra components. One model could be to pay someone to churn through a SOW with predefined scope and objectives. Another would be to pay someone to do continuous doc writing (16-40 hours / month, e.g.). This would require ongoing participation in the community. 
        1. where are different projects in relation to each other?
        2. what is the component diagram / future?
        3. etc. 
    3. tracking and advocating for resources to encourage redundancy of contribution & expertise (reduce SPOF--single points of failure) 
    4. delivering training - either provide  or contract. Could (should be) revenue neutral to positive, but there may be start up fees – $ to $$ 
      1. developing & maintaining Hydra curriculum
      2. doing train the trainers – especially on the latest components and methodology, and standard "Hydra Way"
      3. funding travel for training
      4. varied flavors of training – including on legacy components and "advanced training"