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item pages 

Homepage with animated "carousel" / "discovery thingy"

Example of an "item page" in this system
  1. Visually eye catching section that draws the user to recent/highlighted content
    1. In a DSpace context, this could be the thumbnails of recent items, or highlighted items/collections
  2. Search box that could also function to show the user the (top level) communities. The fact that the box does search "everywhere" by default, but allows you to drill down to a particular topic/community is very nice
  3. The SEARCH feature & listing of search results seems TOO LIGHT. Only sorting between relevance and name. No facets. I'm convinced we still need facets in DSpace search. Although there's something to say for simplicity as well.
  4. The item page equivalent seems a little "light". It's interesting that you lose all context of navigation, no breadcrumb etc. User is supposed to use the back button? It's very clean, but maybe too clean (e.g. sacrificing usability?)
    1. The fact that a single item can have its own header to make it more visual is really nice.

2017 June 7

interesting but not enthusiastic about this viewer


simple but powerful

works for all types of content and repos with mixed  content. Princeton has for example no pretty images, lots of journal articles, ETDs, some datasets, ...

low maintenance: no manual grooming of featured items - no worries that arithmetically chosen featured items step on anybodies feelings

this will live and die with the SEARCH and Filter capabilities on the search results page

  • SEARCH  could lead to a page that shows a list of results and offers categories to filter results;  categories should be configurable: eg
    • DataSet →  show only dc.type = DataSet matches
    • Department → show  local.custom.department facet to select one or more choices
    • in terms of filtering: draw inspiration from what Blacklight does - or look at WOS search page or ....
  • the grid up top could lead to a hamburger style menu - collections, submission instructions, news, statistics, ....
  • top right Login or User Logo

2017 June 7

would be a very good customizable option

    1. Left panel: emphasis on recent/highlighted items.
    2. Right panel: collections/communities/subjects
    3. BELOW: explanation about the system/repository
    4. NO SIDEBAR/Clutter left or right
  2. Focus on social in the top level bar

2017 June 7

like how it highlights new items

like as an option, but not a default

would like it customizable

item listing
  1. Great on mobile
  2. Title, citation, abstract and PDF icon
    1. Nothing screams "download me" more than a PDF icon

2017 June 7

would like display of the pdf as a customizable option for collections and search results

takes up a lot of the screen, reducing space for side bars

item listing
  1. If you need +10% of your vertical space to explain how the interface works, is it a good interface?
  2. Discovery aids are limited to a search box and a tag cloud
  3. Each item in the list has an extensive listing, with room for an image/banner per paper.

  4. Titel, Author, Abstract, Date, Citation and view link to the publisher page are the key metadata being shown. 

2017 June 7


search resultsSemantic Scholar search result list
  1. Facets fold in. Nice approach to ensure that the list of facets doesn't become too long
  2. Publication year slider with horizontal bar visualisation of how many results are available per year. 

item pageSemantic Scholar Item pageSo much awesomeness don't know where to begin
author profileSemantic Scholar author profile

So much awesomeness don't know where to begin

Felicity Dykas (Missouri)Home page

Digital Commons at Missouri University of Science and Technology

Dynamic map; dots appear to show items being downloaded. Eye-catching. Shows users (and administrators) that this is a site that is being used.

"This map shows recent readership activitiy ..."

2017 June 7

homepage should be simple; useful to have option to add to selected pages; e.g., statistics view; make available for repository, community, collection, and items

nice, interactive feature

shows records being accessed

would be of interest to faculty

Felicity Dykas (Missouri)Home page

Islandora at University of Missouri–St. Louis

Slide show - as an option feature.

Knowledge Bank at OSU has this feature:

2017 June 6

Would like homepage design options that add appealing visuals

Felicity Dykas (Missouri)Search results

U of West Florida

Different options for viewing search results:

  • List
  • Grid
  • Table

Users get to choose; plus manager can set default.

I like how the metadata is displayed in the List view. Clearly labeled and simple.

2017 June 6

Like ability to offer users different view options: condensed/expanded, and the options here

Not sure if users use such options

Felicity Dykas (Missouri)Item page or journal collection page

Digital Commons at University of Missouri Law School

Like the drop down box from which users can choose an issue. Once an issue is chosen, the pdfs are organized under categories - which vary from issue to issue


  • Front matter
  • Conferences
  • Notes

Arthur SmithResearch categories (community/collection view?) categories, visually easy to browse.

Focus on institucional Repository context

Image highlight, general stats, last deposits, administrative information regarding the repository use

Homepage repository with banner slideshow of the institution + action buttons to deposit, login,.. + information regarding policy, helpdesk...
Jose CarvalhoSearch results

Image Added Simple and clean with the possibility to refine search
Search results

Image Added (search for "DSpace")List of items with preview of abstract, type of access, date... + possibility to filter results