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Welcome! This month we extend a warm welcome to Erin Tripp, our new Business Development Manager who will join us on May 1, and Michele Mennielli, who will serve as our International Membership and Partnership Manager beginning on July 1.

Erin has a tremendous breadth and depth of experience with community-supported open source repository software, coupled with strong communications and interpersonal skills. She is creative, thoughtful, and direct, all qualities necessary to succeed developing and fostering new community efforts. Michele has worked with DuraSpace on many DSpace-related marketing initiatives targeted at greater International engagement. He is seen as a leader in the community with a large global network and a proven track record community building. We are thrilled to have them on board!

Michele ------------

Warm regards,

Debra Hanken Kurtz


She reported that for the 12 months ending in December revenue grew 14% or $250,000 over the prior year. Particularly notable was the $132k growth over prior year for cloud services. Organizational expenses increased by less than 2% or $37,000. (From Val: Should we link to a copy of the slide deck for all speakers?)

Two new staff members will join DuraSpace in 2017. Erin Tripp, who is currently the Business Development Manager at discoverygarden inc. will take on the role of Business Development Manager for DuraSpace on May 1. Michele Mennielli will become the new International Membership and Partnership Manager for DuraSpace this summer. Mr. Mennielli serves on the DSpace Steering Group, the euroCRIS Board and is currently the head of International Business Development at 4Science. He was formerly head of International Business Development for CINECA.

Ms. Hanken Kurtz noted that the efforts of staff members and the financial support of members make it possible to provide a full range of project services “under the DuraSpace umbrella” that include executive and technical leadership, community outreach, effective marketing and communications, business administration, planning for sustainability, fundraising, financial management and business support, governance, community development, managing collaborations, organizational infrastructure, and professional development for our open source projects. This is possible because we share a belief that open source software development ensures that our stakeholder community remains strong and builds capacity for innovation. Ms. Hanken Kurtz advised members to expect communications as the 2017 Membership Campaign was launched in conjunction with the Summit.