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  • Applied Linked Data 2017-06-19

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  1. Walk-through of Cornell's term lookup UI mocks; Lynette will solicit for feedback.
  2. Recent QA work / update from Lynette
  3. Check in on outstanding LDCX action items (
    1. Short version: no new updates.
      1. Get DCE/Tom’s LDF branch
        1. There is some prerequisite work, see – I've asked Tom for an update on that issue.
      2. For LDF gem, Tom would advocate possibly axing rails engine. Wants buy-in for rack instead of rails. First step to test buy-in for this is Tom to create a PR on LDF gem.
        1. Seeking more direction on
      3. Next step for qa-ldf gem, lib/qa/ldf/authority.rb, Tom extracting some of separate concerns that a QA authority deals with - search, mapping between search responses - implement dependency injection to handle those.
        1. Anna putting this off for now; will check in again next time.
  4. Add your project updates / planning topics here!

Next Meeting:  June 19 at 12pst/3est