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We welcome community members to add their names to the list! Once you sign up, also send email to to request being added to the helpers list and the helpers Slack channel.

List of Helpers

  1. Mike Giarlo, Stanford (, mjgiarlo on GitHub, Twitter, Slack)
  2. Bess Sadler, Stanford (, bess on GitHub & Freenode, @eosadler on Twitter)
  3. Esmé Cowles, Princeton (, escowles on GitHub, Slack)
  4. Michael B. Klein, Northwestern University (, mbklein on GitHub, Twitter, Slack)
  5. Chris Awre, University of Hull (, clawre on GitHub and Twitter)
  6. Mark Bussey, Data Curation Experts (, mark-dce on github, mhbussey on Skype)
  7. Rosalyn Metz, Emory (, rosy1280 on GitHub, @rosy1280 on Twitter)
  8. Karen Estlund, Penn State  (, kestlund on Github, @estlundkm on Twitter)
  9. Hannah Frost, Stanford (, hannahfrost on GitHub, @feefifofannah on Twitter)
  10. Steve Van Tuyl, Oregon State University (, vantuyls on GitHub and Slack, @badgerbouse on Twitter) 
  11. Jeremy Friesen, University of Notre Dame (, jeremyf on Github, jeremyfriesen on Slack)
  12. Lynette Rayle, Cornell University (, elrayle on Github and Slack)
  13. Brian McBride, University of Utah (, brianmcbride on Github and Slack)
  14. Hardy Pottinger, UCLA Library (, hardyoyo on Github, hpottinger on Slack)
  15. Your name here!


Richard Green (current chair of Samvera Steering) is also set as an owner of the helpers list, but his subscription is set to "no email." That said, he may read messages sent to the list at his discretion.