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Notes/recordings from monthly calls

DateTopicsNotes/RecordingsRelated materials
18 September 2018Monthly call2018-09-18 Meeting notes
21 August 2018Monthly call2018-08-21 Meeting notes
24 July 2018Monthly call2018-07-24 Meeting notes
19 June 2018Monthly call2018-06-19 Meeting notes
15 May 2018Monthly call2018-05-15 Meeting notes
17 April 2018Monthly call2018-04-17 Meeting notes
2 March 2018DURT planning meetingDURT Meeting 2018-03-02
16 January 2018Monthly call2018-01-16 Meeting notes
19 December 2017Monthly call2017-12-19 Meeting notes

9 November 2017In-person meeting at Samvera Connect 20172017-11-09 Meeting notes
17 October 2017Monthly call2017-10-17 Meeting notes
19 September 2017Monthly call2017-09-19 Meeting notes
15 August 2017Monthly call2017-08-15 Meeting Notes
July 2017Canceled for Samvera Virtual Connect

20 June 2017Monthly call2017-06-10 Meeting Notes
16 May 2017Monthly call2017-05-16 UXIG Meeting Notes | Recording
18 April 2017Monthly call2017-04-18 UXIG Monthly Call
21 March 2017Monthly callNotes
21 Feb 2017Monthly callNotes
17 Jan 2017Monthly callNotes
20 Dec 2016Monthly callNotes
18 Oct 2016Monthly callNotes 
27 Sept 2016Monthly callNotes 
16 August 2016Monthly callNotes 
19 July 2016Monthly callNotes 
21 Jun 2016Monthly callNotes 
19 Apr 2016Monthly callNotes 
15 Mar 2016Monthly call2016-03-15 Meeting notesOD Recommendations from Usability.docx
19 Jan 2016Monthly callNotes 
15 Dec 2015Monthly callAgenda, Notes 
17 Nov 2015Monthly call2015-11-17 Notes 
20 Oct 2015Monthly callNotes 
2 July 2015Monthly call: Discussion of Avalon Accessibility testingNotes 
7 May 2015

Monthly call

  • Blacklight Maps (Jack Reed, Stanford)
  • new LDCX mailing list (Jennifer Vine, Stanford)
  • roundtable of UX work
  • ideas for next month's call, June 4
Recording, Hydra UX call - 7 May 2015 
2 April 2015Monthly callRecording, Notes 
5 March 2015Monthly call (featuring demo of a fix on Blacklight's facet label wrapping)Recording, Notes 
4 December 2014

This month the call will focus on Spotlight, the Blacklight plug-in enabling the presentation of online exhibitions.

Discussion will center around the following areas, though there will also hopefully be space to raise other questions as well within these:

  • Current Spotlight functionality
  • Current goals for Spotlight development
  • Adopting Spotlight - what barriers exist that the team can look to address?
  • Additional features - what could Spotlight usefully do in the future?
  • Developing Spotlight - how the community can assist in achieving the goals discussed
Recording, Hydra UX call - 4 Dec 2014Send Spotlight suggestions and questions to

6 Nov 2014Hydra Connect 2 followupRecording, Notes 
3 July 2014Monthly callNotes from July 3 2014 Hydra UX call 
5 June 2014Examples of user research activities and deliverablesRecordingAvalon user needs report
1 May 2014Introductions, discussion of future call topics, demo of Avalon Media SystemMinutes of the Hydra UX Inaugural Meeting 

Hydra UX Discussion Notes from Meetings