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If you encounter an error when running the SyncTool or using other content transfer tools, please first consult the list of error messages and suggested fixes below. 

Reinstall the SyncTool

Often reinstalling the SyncTool will address errors or transfer issues. To reinstall the SyncTool:

1. Uninstall the SyncTool
2. Delete the work directory, called "duracloud-sync-work" in your home directory (i.e. such as C:/Users/<username>/duracloud-sync-work on Windows or /home/<username>/duracloud-sync-work on Mac/Linux)
3. Download the latest version of the SyncTool:
4. Reinstall and restart your computer

Out of Memory Error or Java Heap Space Error

Please review this page for information about addressing memory errors.

SyncTool interface display problems

Restarting your machine is often all that is needed to address issues with the display of the SyncTool interface. If a restart does not address the problem please contact support.

SyncTool "file does not exist" message for a watched directory

This message will appear if one of the folders in your watched directory has been renamed. You can delete the old watched directory and add the directory with the new name.

Large files failing to upload via the SyncTool

Increasing the chunk size in the SyncTool configuration will often address this issue. Please review the SyncTool operational notes for how to optimize chunk size for larger files.